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to my private website on the topic of spray painting, a special technique of decorating everyday and domestic crockery.
Especially at the height of the Weimar Republic until the beginning of the 1930s, shapes and decorations were being positively revolutionized.
Geometric, brightly coloured and in some cases patterns that had never been seen before dazzled on cocoa pots, cake plates, tins with lids, vases, even on chamber pots!
This bright and colourful collection of circles, squares and straight lines ends almost abruptly about 1933-35. This was about the time when the well-known floral patterns met with more attention of the public.
Whether this change of mind can be attributed to the “new idea of man” of the National Socialists is supposed but not confirmed. As is the case in fashion, tastes change from time to time…


An article about cocoa pots in the “Trödler & Sammler” journal bestowed my first “contact” upon me : When I saw the photos, I initially couldn’t believe that the pots were actually “that old”. On the contrary: I was sure that I would be able to purchase the unbelievably modern and contemporary looking ware in the next store round the corner…But that came to nothing. Jumble sales, exchanges and today the Internet have become my hunting ground, with more or less success.

Should you also be planning to build up a collection, then I do have to warn you:  Spray painting is addictive and up to now, there has been no remedy....;-))

I don’t want to bore you with my vita; take a look at the photos and enjoy the more than 80 year old, refreshingly new-looking living survivors of an exciting decade.

Please note that due to the large number, the photos of each category can be spread over several pages (click at the bottom).

And one more thing: The contents of the pages were researched with great care yet no scientific claim can be made.

Stimuli and comments on photos and texts are very welcome!

If you want to go into this matter in more depth, you can find a number of interesting books and magazines under “Literature”.





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